About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the land of extremes, a land of remote and wild places.Some of the highest, places like the Simien Mountains which is called the roof of Africa and the lowest, such as Denakil depression in the African continent are found here.

Ethiopia is the land of big skies and broad landscapes. In the highlands, the plateau reaches endlessly to a horizon that blends in to blue sky speckled with white cumulus clouds, a sky that is an integral part of the landscape. As you travel the countryside, you can see a lot of octagonal churches topped with an Ethiopian cross which you can imagine that the people are very religious.

The Ethiopian Orthodox church has its own head, follows its own customs, and is extremely proud of its fourth century origin which means Ethiopia was Christian before Europe.

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The people and culture of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been called a rich cultural mosaic due to the eighty different languages and dialects.

The North and the center part of the country has got different Semitic languages like Tigrinya, Guraginya and the official national language Amharic are spoken.

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Christmas is also one of the biggest ceremonies which fall on 7 January.The celebration of Timket or Epiphany, on the 19 January is probably the biggest festival of the year. On the eve of Timket, with great ceremony the sacred tabot (the replica of the ark of the covenant) is taken from each church by the priests up to the central area where the ceremony twill take place.