Axum is one of the most important and ancient archeological sites of Ethiopia. It is well known for its ruins of the palace of the legendary Queen of Sheba who has reigned at about 1000B.C. The greatest mystery of all, however, is that the son of Queen Sheba, Minilik I, who was the first King from Solomon dynasty, brought with him the Arc of the Covenant which is still believed to be kept in the church of St. Mary Zion of Axum, erected on the original location of the oldest church in Ethiopia. The Axumite king’s conversion to Christianity in the 4th century makes Ethiopia the 3rd oldest Christian country after Armenia and Georgia.
The site of the country’s most ancient city shields and shelter a great number of priceless relics. Other ancient sites such as the Steles are over 2,000 years old, and are made from single blocks of granite carved to represent multi-storey houses.

The people and culture of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been called a rich cultural mosaic due to the eighty different languages and dialects.

The North and the center part of the country has got different Semitic languages like Tigrinya, Guraginya and the official national language Amharic are spoken.

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Christmas is also one of the biggest ceremonies which fall on 7 January.The celebration of Timket or Epiphany, on the 19 January is probably the biggest festival of the year. On the eve of Timket, with great ceremony the sacred tabot (the replica of the ark of the covenant) is taken from each church by the priests up to the central area where the ceremony twill take place.